About Ottawa Meditation & Wellness


Our mission is to teach mindfulness and self-compassion to as many people as possible with the intention of bringing more ease, well-being, kindness and compassion to individuals and into the world.


Our vision for the future is to have a dedicated centre where practitioners can attend regular mindfulness classes, workshops, day-long retreats and talks given by experienced teachers and guest speakers to support and deepen their practice. Presently, Ottawa Meditation & Wellness rents space or teams up with other organizations to offer mindfulness workshops to others.


In carrying out our mission, we are guided by the following values and principles:

  • authenticity
  • professionalism
  • integrity
  • wisdom
  • kindness and compassion


We will provide the highest quality teachings in an inclusive, welcoming and safe space.

Mindfulness and compassion are two wings of the same bird — we need both to soar.

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