Mindfulness For Teens


Being a teenager can be very stressful. Mindfulness meditation can help teens learn how to become more resilient so they are better able to cope with stress and with life’s challenges.

Learning mindfulness teaches us to

  • know the difference between actually experiencing life and being on autopilot
  • offer ourselves kindness and acceptance
  • connect with and better understand our thoughts and feelings and
  • pause before automatically reacting to situations.

Research is beginning to show that students and teachers who practice mindfulness are happier, more focused, more compassionate, more emotionally regulated, and less impacted by stress (Zenner et al., 2014).


Jennifer offers tailored workshops and in-school classroom sessions for teens. Please contact her at for more information.

The Kelty Centre’s 3-minute video, “Mindfulness: Youth Voices.” Shared with permission from Dr. Dzung Vo

Working with Jennifer during the six week mindfulness workshop was truly an eye-opening experience... Truly a great experience, and very important for high school students as it does relieve a lot of unnecessary stress! - Thom Haghighat, grade 12 student, Ashbury College

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